Advanced data visualization

The rigid limitations of many graphics tools constrain the effective visualization of sophisticated business strategies. OpenViz enables the development of highly customized solutions that embrace the most advanced requirements.

Some of the best ideas for visual analysis start on a white board—and stay there. With OpenViz, great ideas become great solutions.

OpenViz for Advanced Visualization

What’s the best way to visualize your data? Exactly the way you want to.

OpenViz transcends the limitations of charting and graphing tools by providing the most comprehensive set of development assets that can visualize any data to any specification. Here’s how:

  • Use any data format or model
  • Leverage large/complex datasets
  • Perform In-memory processing
  • Ultra-high performance
  • Real time processing
  • Web or desktop deployment
  • Powerful, Built-in analytics
  • Flexible API for total control
  • 100+ customizable techniques
  • Advanced interactivity
  • Java and Microsoft editions

OpenViz in Action

If one of the 23,000 visualization styles offered by OpenViz doesn’t meet your specs, create your own using a rich Java or Microsoft platform API.

Create any visual object in 2D or 3D with full zoom, pan, rotate and other control features.

Integrate text and numeric values using the OpenViz in-memory data management pipeline to optimize visualization.

Ultra-high performance rendering using conventional desktop and server memory.

Complete control over all aspects of any visualization, including appearance, annotation, behavior, calibration with other graphics, algorithms and advanced analytics.

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