CRM and Customer Analytics Aren’t What They Used to Be…

Smart CRM and marketing teams are focusing on expanding beyond the reporting sensibilities of the dashboard with high-value analytics that fuse dashboard data with content from other systems.

AVS helps clients simplify and automate the data assembly and analytics process as well as produce compelling and interactive data visualizations that can be published to any platform, device, or solution.

With a goal of leveraging existing data and systems to create meaningful and actionable views of CRM and marketing information for many different types of user, AVS is the only software company that provides full-featured data visualization APIs and comprehensive turnkey solutions to elevate the process of understanding customers and their potential.

A better way to manage brands, campaigns, opportunities

AVS creates an interactive view of your customer operation using business data, campaigns, results, social media metrics, and information from CRM and other systems.Our approach is distinguished from traditional dashboards because we do more than just produce reports — we analyze data and perform reliable predictions that update automatically and think and act like your business.

We use advanced data visualization to reveal patterns, trends, and correlations that are invisible in traditional reports and dashboards.Integrated analytics and the ability to work with big data foster a powerful new way to understand any marketing operation and pass the insight to top decision makers.

If you are still relying on first or second generation CRM software to understand your customers and products, it’s time to visualize the future with OpenViz.