How DekaBank Provides Asset Management Solutions with OpenViz

DekaBank, a leading German financial institution, is using a proprietary asset management solution created with the OpenViz data visualization system from Advanced Visual Systems to track the performance consistency of over 16,000 different mutual funds. The analytic application integrates highly advanced concepts in time-based asset analysis with innovative 2D and 3D data visualization techniques to improve the detection of risk and performance factors that might be easily overlooked using common charting techniques.

DekaBank’s approach to fund analysis is unique in that it visualizes fund rankings over time-based sub-intervals as opposed to fixed time-frames, as is a common industry practice. By integrating variance, covariance, correlation, and historical financial market data into the analysis processes, subtle performance fluctuations become apparent. The result is a visual classification of mutual funds by specific performance criteria and a clear understanding of their relationship to global market characteristics.

DekaBank’s fund performance system was developed to meet extremely specific requirements of internal analysts and provides five unique views of selected mutual funds, each with the ability to be independently manipulated using OpenViz interactive scroll bars, sliders, and mouse drag filters. Complex calculations are undertaken using powerful in-memory data processing features provided by OpenViz that allow analysts to focus exclusively on the visual results and not processing considerations that are typically executed in a separate application environment. The tight integration of advanced data processing and advanced data visualization provides financial analysts with a “rolling analysis” of multiple funds and the ability to quickly discover subtle performance variations that might have been overlooked without the integrated approach provided by OpenViz.

OpenViz is a comprehensive data visualization system for all Java and Microsoft platforms that enables solution designers to create and deploy interactive visual presentations from any type of data. OpenViz offers over 20,000 different visualization techniques coupled with a powerful in-memory data management system that is designed to help customers like DekaBank realize the full potential of their IT and analytic investments.

AVS counts over 2,000 global corporations, software vendors, government agencies and research institutes as licensees of its data visualization software products including twenty percent of the Fortune 100 and two of the five largest software companies.