How OpenViz Brought Syngenta’s Dreams to Life

Syngenta uses OpenViz to provide the visualization front-end for its in vitro High-Throughput Screening (HTS) software tool set.

Syngenta, a world-leading supplier of crop solutions based on chemical and biotechnology products designed to improve crop yield and food quality, has created a suite of applications to help scientists understand HTS data. HTS, used in agribusiness and pharmaceutics, allows the rapid evaluation of candidate molecules and combinations to find those suited for specific uses. OpenViz can present the resulting data as interactive charts and graphs, helping Syngenta scientists more easily understand and analyze HTS data to find the best-suited molecules.

Syngenta conducts breakpoint analysis to produce a measure of potency and quality for each sample. Researchers can assign different variables to the x-, y- and z-axes and the range of each data variable can be cropped to focus on a specific region of the data space.