Toolmaster, Gsharp, and AVS5: Legacy Offerings

Legacy Offerings

For over 30 years, AVS has provided excellent data visualization and continues to evolve its products to clients’ needs.

Toolmaster Can Render High-Performance Graphics Like No Other

Programmers love the portable graphics library that Toolmaster provides. It’s the preferred cross-platform C++ API graphics library by leading software houses and in-house application development teams around the world. Meet the most comprehensive toolset available for visual data analysis and presentation, tried and tested in the harshest environments spanning three decades.

  • Comprehensive set of application-level functions for 2D and 3D data presentation.
  • Complete developer control over all chart layout and appearance parameters.
  • Open event loop for interactive application development
  • Presentation-quality hardcopy and metafile output.
  • Cross-platform development and deployment optimized for high-performance environments

Gsharp Extends Toolmaster with Server Scalability

If you’re a technical professional who needs high-quality presentation graphics for both print and the Web, Gsharp will be your new favorite tool. Gsharp can generate scripts, making it highly versatile with ways to improve product performance and lifecycle. Import any type of data from any source, create, and modify your graphs easily with intuitive, drag-and-drop tools.

Auto-generate a command script for reuse and modification, design your graph interactively, then let Gsharp generate the corresponding command script. With hundreds of plot types, Gsharp provides unsurpassed interpolation and control, an extensive function library, batch-mode graphics production, and the ability to create multiple graphs and axes from a single plot. Your website visitors can even input their own selection of data and other graphing parameters to produce custom, publication-quality graphs that you can output as scalable, high-resolution hardcopy and metafiles.

Meet AVS5, the World’s First Drag-&-Drop Visualization Tool

AVS’ famous Network Editor is a unique Visual Programming Environment that let’s you graphically connect AVS modules to build a reusable visualization network for powerful scientific and technical visualization applications. It overcomes platform-dependent technical issues with outstanding presentation capabilities for print, video, and high-quality animations and bridges the gap between both 2D traditional visualization tools and advanced 3D tools.

Anyone can use AVS5 with a little guidance from us. Its intuitive, easy-to-learn interfaces mean that you can quickly access frequently used visualization techniques. These interfaces, or “viewers” can help you explore your data immediately — even before you begin to tailor AVS for your specific needs. That’s why AVS5 is incredibly friendly to both end-users and developers.

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SmartMet – Software Tool for Visualizing and Editing Meteorological Data

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