Real-Time Monitoring for Larger than Life Datasets

Under the pressures of deregulation, utilities and network operators have limited financial and human resources to invest in new technology that does not provide immediate cost and operational benefits.

Advanced Visual Systems has developed AVS/PowerViz for timely implementation of a customized suite of solutions that permit intuitive, cost effective and benefit producing monitoring of any size electrical network.

From a Web browser, system operators monitor real time power distribution and drill down to dynamic visual presentations of individual street-level transformers.

More detailed information about selected networks is shown in a separate, scrollable pop-up window.

The detailed network view shows the background street map and the geographical layout of all the feeders for the network. Feeders that are out of service are clearly indicated, as is detailed information.

Right clicking on any network component produces a menu of related applications. Selecting one of them will launch and initialize the application using the selected component ID.

Operators can view real-time and load flow simulation results in the same display view. This can help the operator base decisions on current and future anticipated conditions of the network. AVS/PowerViz automatically orients the user to the selected view and selected data.