Business Intelligence Made Accessible with OpenViz

Managing thousands of independent brokers at a top-10 insurance group is a formidable task. But one global insurance giant is using data visualization software from Advanced Visual Systems to provide executives and agents with a unique visual approach to monitoring activity, spotting important trends and improving revenue performance.

Using data collected from millions of issued and pending insurance policies and approximately 10,000 individual agents, this innovative insurer produces multiple data visualization snapshots of historic and anticipated sales results for use by a group of executives that oversee sales operations.

Each “snapshot” is actually an interactive chart that presents multiple dimensions of data in a single image that might have required several pages of conventional reports to previously comprehend. The charts are published to a Web-based software application that at first blush resembles a business intelligence dashboard, but upon closer inspection reveals itself to be a powerful analysis tool that allows executives to easily drill deep into past and pending transactions of large sales teams and individual agents.

Combining the highly-interactive data visualizations with a selection of goal-based metrics and filters, executives can quickly spot early indications of exceptional and substandard performance and act immediately to achieve strategic goals and increase revenue.

Most sales management systems produce static or tabular reports that require a great deal of effort to fully comprehend. As a result, emerging patterns are often hidden between the lines until they begin to stack up and get noticed. The goal of this OpenViz client was to take a fresh look at the entire landscape of its broker network every day and use creative graphics to lead sales teams through a simple point-and-click workflow that allows the needle in the haystack to be quickly identified.

This important project represented a dynamic collaboration between the insurers finance, IT, and sales divisions to simplify the process of monitoring performance and making essential information easy to access and easy to understand.