Interact with your AVS/Express visualizations online with AVS/Go

A collection of new web components created by AVS called AVS/Go allow you to quickly export your visualization from OpenViz or AVS/Express to the web browser. AVS/Go is available on GitHub.

To export your visualization from AVS/Express, please follow the instructions on our AVS Support Help Center site here. This method will show you step-by-step instructions on how to convert your visualization for display using AVS/Go.

In the future, AVS/Express will contain a ThreeJSRenderer which will allow you to connect AVS/Express directly to AVS/Go.

To learn more about AVS/Go and updates to AVS/Express, please contact your AVS Sales Representative or an AVS Support representative via the AVS Support Help Center.

Zoom and Rotate with your mouse or fingers to see more detail.

The example above was developed by DKRZ in Germany. It was first created using NetCDF and later using Viz5D. The example presented here exhibits over 1M data points and is downsized from the original dataset.

The Particle Advector example below is include to demonstrate a single rendering vs. streaming in the DKRZ example. In both visualizations, you can rotate and zoom. On a mobile device, standard touch gestures result in the same behavior as the desktop.

Zoom and Rotate with your mouse or fingers to see more detail.