AVS/Express — Multipipe Edition Helps Italy’s First Virtual Theaters

CINECA Laboratory (Bologna, Italy), a research facility run by a consortium of Italian universities, has selected software fromAdvanced Visual Systems to visualize a broad range of scientific, analysis, and high-performance computing projects at the new state-of-the art facility.

Using AVS/Express Multipipe Edition (MPE) in conjunction with an SGI Onyx2, Origin 3800 and a CRAY T3E massively parallel computer to project data onto a 150 degree curved screen using a Barco Barron immersive desk connected to three Onyx2 graphics pipes, the Laboratory will undertake, among other projects, the development of breakthrough bioengineering applications and the simulation of cultural heritage data to maintain and protect valuable historic sites.

According to Sanzio Bassini, Manager of CINECA’s High Performance Systems Division, “We are pleased to be able to use the AVS software systems in our Virtual Theater because they open up a wider range of applications for us to use in our research. We have used AVS’s software at the Lab for many years and have developed a close relationship with the company. As such, the move to empower our Virtual Theater with AVS/Express was a natural step and it enables us to consider undertaking larger projects and collaborative research with external organizations.”