IGM Ltd. Innovates Geological, Geochemical and Geophysical Discovery with AVS/Express

Earth Sciences Case Study

IGM Ltd., a leader in earth science data analysis, uses AVS/Express to develop decision-enhancing 3D graphics in its acclaimed GeoExpress software. The integration of IGM’s interpretation software with AVS’ data visualization technology has produced one of the sectors most profound tools for interactive visualization, research and project analysis of geological, geochemical and geophysical data.

IGM was formed in 1999 to develop ground-breaking solutions to the problems earth scientists face when analyzing and presenting complex datasets from a variety of sources. GeoExpress, the company’s first commercial product was born from this philosophy and has utilized AVS/Express as the visualization engine since its initial release.

As a direct result of the AVS-rendered visualizations, users can interactively explore a wide range of domain-specific data formats on all Microsoft Windows platforms and quickly reach conclusions that would otherwise require extensive procedures on more expensive and complex systems. Additionally, AVS/Express enables the development of highly functional data readers and writers, allowing seamless data handling and eliminating the need for the creation and management of secondary databases.

According to Frank Arnott, Technical Director of IGM, “AVS/Express has enabled us to provide our users with an exceptional degree of insight to the many complexities of earth science data. Its powerful development methodology, rich visualization techniques and dynamic performance on the PC platform have provided IGM with a solid foundation for our product strategy.”

Induced polarization (IP) sections intersecting zone of supergene enriched copper (white volume). Contours represent increasing gravity over mineralized zone (0.5 mgal intervals).

Image shows regional copper geochemistry (contours) and georeferenced air photograph and a satellite three banded pseudo colored image draped on a DTM (Geosoft grid), which itself is colored by regional magnetic data (also a Geosoft grid).

Combined display of 3D inverted gravity and magnetics data, induced polarization (IP) sections and a geological section. The red lozenge is modeled magnetics data intersecting a zone of high phase IP. Geologically this represents a zone of pyrrhotite. The blue body is the modeled gravity data which intersects the geological section.

Drill hole data plotted in 3D. Shows ability to plot and view inclined drill holes. Color represents variations in copper grade (red = high grade).

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