AVS Express

AVS/Express is a comprehensive and versatile data visualization tool for both non-programmers and experienced developers. Rapid data analysis and rich visualization techniques combined with an intuitive, graphical application development environment make AVS/Express the best choice for any data visualization task.

AVS/Express provides powerful visualization methods for challenging problems in a vast range of fields, including science, business, engineering, medicine, telecommunications and environmental research.

AVS/Express contains objects, data structures and libraries specifically designed to analyze and visualize very large and complex datasets.


Visualization Edition

Complex data comes to
life for End Users

Developer Edition

Rapid application development for Application Developers

Multipipe Edition

Immersive data visualization for Research Teams

Parallel Edition

Parallel Processing for improved performance

Brief History

Since its first release in 1995, AVS/Express has been selected by thousands of corporations, solution providers, academic institutions and government agencies to provide powerful insight to nearly one million end-users in an array of industries.

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Fast, Powerful, Flexible, Scalable

  • Develop and deploy on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Sun, HP, SGI and Alpha systems.
  • Object-oriented visual editor for quickly creating powerful visualizations and applications.
  • More than 850 visualization objects with full 3D lighting, motion and flow structures.
  • Support on 64-bit platforms–scales to very large data and very complex systems.

AVS Express Case Studies

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