If you’re a technical professional who requires high-quality presentation graphics for print and the Web, Gsharp is the comprehensive tool you need. Supporting all Windows, Linux, VMS and UNIX platforms.

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Thanks to Gsharp’s versatility and the ability to generate scripts, we have managed to automate production of most of the charts and graphs we make on a daily basis.
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Point and click to build your graphic:
Create and modify your graphs easily using toolbars, custom widgets, popup wizards, and hypertext help. Click directly within a graph to move, re-size, or rotate graphical objects; probe and edit data values; copy and delete object hierarchies with simple drag-and-drop actions.

Auto-generate a command script for reuse and modification:
Design your graph interactively, then let Gsharp generate the corresponding command script.

Run your script in batch mode:
Once you’ve created a graph and generated its script, run reports overnight with a single command without even launching Gsharp.

Hundreds of plot types:
Gsharp provides unsurpassed interpolation and control, an extensive function library, batch-mode graphics production and the ability to create multiple graphs and axes from a single plot.

Provide Web-based graphs on demand:
Let visitors to your Web site input their own selection of data and other graphing parameters to produce custom publication-quality graphs within seconds.

Produce superior hardcopy output:
Output your graphs as scalable, high-resolution hardcopy and metafiles. Gsharp generates outstanding hardcopy by converting the data display to graphics primitives that drive the output device at its maximum resolution and plotting performance.

Fast graphics from all types of data

Supporting all Windows, Linux, VMS and UNIX platforms, Gsharp makes it easy to assemble and produce sophisticated technical graphics using an intelligent user interface, automatic scripting and broad data import capabilities.

Gsharp provides an unsurpassed range of data presentation, charting and advanced display control for high-quality technical presentation. Via Gsharp’s comprehensive Data Manager, users can interactively import, edit and interpolate ASCII, binary and SQL data from a variety of file formats and sources.

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