Supply Chain & Logistics

Unite information from multiple systems and vendors into a single view of any complex network, workflow or process to provide instant insight for operations, scheduling, inventory, manufacturing, supply chain and management.

The OpenViz Advantage

With over a decade of experience in assisting corporations and ISVs capture, manage and visualize real-time data, OpenViz is a proven technology that meets the multitude of demands that drive low-latency solutions.

OpenViz does more than just track objects moving through a system — it illuminates the objects that aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do.

OpenViz embraces all GPS, RFID, sensor and proprietary systems with the industry’s highest graphics and analytics performance.

OpenViz in Action

Push or pull data to create fully interactive maps, network layouts, facility floor plans, schematic diagrams, production funnels or any other visual reference.

OpenViz supports sub-second refresh rates and can render fully interactive visualizations at speeds up to 50 images per second.

Deploy real-time applications to end-users in desktop or Browser-based applications.

Create your own lexicon of symbols, icons and other visual objects to incorporate in any real-time solution.

Re-skin existing real-time applications with high-performance data visualization while preserving existing application code.

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