Real-Time Monitoring Case Study

AVS empowers utilities and energy managers to monitor and control many facets of their operations that have traditionally been invisible or difficult to visualize.

Transportation Monitoring

The AVS/PowerViz Network Visualization System (PNVS) is a power network monitoring solution created with AVS/PowerViz, an OpenViz-based .NET framework that provides utility managers and executives with the ability to monitor the status of any power transmission or distribution system (from substation to transformers that then deliver power directly to customers) in real time.

PNVS draws data from network sensors and presents system operators, managers and executives with a real-time view of their network performance. The solution, first developed under R&D funding with ConEdision of New York, is viewed in a web browser on any Windows-enabled device. Derivative editions operate on tablets using HTML5.

During network operations, the application opens with a graphical view of any service area delineating networks that are colored based upon the number of feeders that are out of service. Users can move their mouse pointer over any network to quickly view network status or click on the network to bring up a separate screen that shows the electrical network in greater detail; feeders represented by lines, transformers represented by circle glyphs, etc. Using a “zoom” feature, users can select a detailed view that includes street names in a conventional map format.

Prime Benefits

PNVS consolidates information provided from several legacy systems that in the past have reported information to operators in separate application screens. The integration of real-time feeder and transformer monitoring data with geographic map information fuses two essential systems into a single application and permits manipulation and utilization of network data in ways that were previously not possible.

Under the pressures of deregulation, utilities and network operators have limited financial and human resources to invest in new technology that does not provide immediate cost and operational benefits. Advanced Visual Systems has developed AVS/PowerViz for timely implementation of a customized suite of solutions that permit intuitive, cost effective and benefit producing monitoring of any size electrical network.

From a Web browser, system operators monitor real time power distribution and drill down to dynamic visual presentations of individual street-level transformers.

More detailed information about selected networks is shown in a separate, scrollable pop-up window.

The detailed network view shows the background street map and the geographical layout of all the feeders for the network. Feeders that are out of service are clearly indicated, as is detailed information.

Right clicking on any network component produces a menu of related applications. Selecting one of them will launch and initialize the application using the selected component ID.

Operators can view real-time and load flow simulation results in the same display view. This can help the operator base decisions on current and future anticipated conditions of the network. AVS/PowerViz automatically orients the user to the selected view and selected data.

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