ISV Solutions

Distinguish the look, feel and functionality of any ISV product by adding rich, stylized graphics and the high performance data access and analytics that your customers demand.

Across every industry, high quality graphics and interactivity have become a must-have for any ISV solution.

Benefits of OpenViz for the ISV

Creating a compelling ISV solution that stands out from the competition requires a flexible and powerful data visualization technology.

OpenViz was designed specifically for ISV use and is the choice data visualization tool of product teams at top software publishers because of its exceptional capabilities:

  • Use any data format or model
  • Leverage large/complex datasets
  • Perform In-memory processing
  • Ultra-high performance
  • Real time processing
  • Web or desktop deployment
  • Powerful, Built-in analytics
  • Flexible API for total control
  • 100+ customizable techniques
  • Advanced interactivity
  • Java and Microsoft editions

OpenViz in Action

Develop using any IDE and deploy on any platform in thin-client or desktop applications.

Tap into a collection of over 23,000 different data visualizations—or create your own proprietary graphics.

Leverage powerful in-memory data processing functionality to reduce round trips to source data, speed response time and perform powerful analytics.

Integrate extremely large datasets from different sources (including real-time).

Re-skin or retrofit legacy applications with minimal re-coding.

Produce smart graphics that integrate application logic, business rules and algorithms.

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