Technical Charting Case Study


Technical Charting for ISV

SIMULIA, the Dassault Systèmes brand for realistic simulations, selected OpenViz data visualization software from Advanced Visual Systems to provide advanced charting capabilities within SIMULIA’s Isight product suite for Process Integration and Design Optimization. OpenViz is being used by SIMULIA to add high-performance charting to visualize hyper-dimensional data sets created by Design of Experiments and Optimization techniques within Isight.

OpenViz is noted for its ability to render extremely complex data and allow software developers to incorporate highly customized graphics in both desktop and Web-browser based applications. These capabilities have made OpenViz extremely popular with product manufacturers and engineering software companies like SIMULIA, whose software strategies push the envelope of innovation in the field of product design, simulation, and engineering, while capitalizing on increased compute processing power on the desktop and in the cloud.

“The AVS libraries provide SIMULIA with an easy to use technology to create complex presentation quality charts,” stated Alex Van der Velden, Director of Technology, SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes. “Specifically for our Isight 5.5-2 release, we were able to develop a complex overlaid constraint chart in just a couple of weeks that we could not have created with existing charting libraries. As a consequence we are planning to increase the use of this scalable technology in our future product releases.”

OpenViz is a full-featured data visualization system that enables solution designers to create and deploy interactive visual presentations from any type of data. Noted for its vast selection of graphical techniques and powerful in-memory data management capabilities, OpenViz is one of the most advanced data visualization tools available for use in the fields of business intelligence, analytics, real-time monitoring, risk and engineering management.

AVS counts over 2,000 global corporations, software vendors, government agencies and research institutes as licensees of its data visualization software products including twenty percent of the Fortune 100 and two of the five largest software companies.

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