Performance Management Systems

If you’re adjusting your strategy, tactics or analytics to react to the data and speed limitations of an off-the-shelf dashboard technology, consider OpenViz and stop compromising your business intelligence practices.

The difference between a customized OpenViz dashboard and a one-size-fits-all system can be measured in the quality of decision, long lifecycle and user experience provided by OpenViz.

Benefits of OpenViz Performance Management Systems

OpenViz solutions are more effective because they deliver the performance, flexibility and results that off-the-shelf dashboard systems simply cannot.

If you need to deliver real insight and impact through an executive or operational dashboard, consider these OpenViz benefits:

  • Use any data format or model
  • Leverage large/complex datasets
  • Perform In-memory processing
  • Ultra-high performance
  • Real time processing
  • Web or desktop deployment
  • Powerful, Built-in analytics
  • Flexible API for total control
  • 100+ customizable techniques
  • Advanced interactivity
  • Java and Microsoft editions

OpenViz in Action

Create dashboards that think and look like your business does. Over 23,000 different visualization styles possible with OpenViz.

Deploy to users from any server or desktop as a standalone deployment or embedded in your current BI platform.

OpenViz creates on-the-fly reporting hierarchies that eliminate round-trips to source data each time a user drills into data.

No query size is too big for OpenViz. Result sets of up to 50 million data points can be supported in conventional memory.

Use any Javascript, XML or AJAX technique with OpenViz—in addition to a rich on-board set of interactive features.

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