Financial Services and Risk Management Case Study


Credit Risk Case Study

Barra, a global leader in risk management technology for investment professionals, selected OpenViz data visualization technology from AVS to add dynamic displays of risk and market performance to its credit risk offering, Barra Creditâ„¢.

OpenViz data visualization techniques from AVS provide Barra users with a graphically rich and highly interactive experience as they take advantage of the extensive analytic capabilities offered in Barra Credit.

“Barra Credit is designed to deliver thousands of data points across multiple markets, and therefore, we required an intuitive graphical interface,” said Tim Backshall, director of global credit market strategy. “In our survey of vendors, it was clear that AVS had superior graphical capabilities and experienced professional consulting – enabling quick integration and deployment with our product.”

OpenViz is a comprehensive system for visualizing all types of corporate content as fully interactive graphics that simplify the process of reporting and understanding business and financial data. A wide range of visualization, analytic, deployment, and data management options enable application designers and product managers at software companies, such as Barra, to create highly branded, end-user empowering applications.

Credit managers monitor and filter their portfolios to meet session-specific criteria, leveraging Barra’s proprietary market analytics.

Accessed by a single click from the portfolio view, individual positions are presented in a fully interactive OpenViz scene that permits additional filtering by performance

By clicking on any data point in a 3D bar chart, OpenViz presents a date range-scrollable historical performance view that overlays market measures and multiple data dimensions.

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