Engineering Analysis Case Study featuring EADS



EADS Astrium, the world leader in satellite systems design and manufacturing, has deployed a new software system for measuring antenna radio frequencies that utilizes OpenViz data visualization software from Advanced Visual Systems.

The new system, known as EADS Astrium Advanced Antenna Measurement Software (AAMS), allows fully automated testing of antenna systems installed in ground vehicles, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, missiles and satellites. OpenViz data visualization software enables AAMS test results to be presented using highly interactive graphs that quickly expose irregularities and allow test personnel to fully comprehend a broad range of sophisticated data inputs.

According to EADS Astrium, “Advanced developments in wireless communication technology require highly reliable radio transmission between ground, air and space systems and networks. Antenna performance plays a critical role in these systems and our AAMS technology relies on AVS data visualization software to help technicians properly understand extremely complex measurements through an intuitive and flexible user interface.”

Measurements analyzed using AAMS include radio frequency pattern, gain, polarization, signal purity and other metrics that contribute to quality communication system design, maintenance and security.

EADS Astrium selected OpenViz to visualize its sophisticated data because the AVS product enabled the design of extremely customized graphics that could be deployed to radio frequency engineers in a multi-function desktop application.

OpenViz is a comprehensive data visualization system for all Java and Microsoft platforms that enables solution development teams to create highly interactive visual presentations from any type of data. Featuring over 20,000 different types of technical and business charts and graphs, OpenViz is used by leading corporations and software vendors to create specialized applications that deliver rapid insight to all types of decision makers.

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