Analytic Applications

OpenViz is used by top corporations and ISVs to improve data use and decision quality. Fusing powerful data processing with high performance graphics rendering, OpenViz establishes a new standard in analytics for solutions in any industry.

As the world of corporate intelligence transitions from a culture of “reporting” to one of “analytics,” powerful and flexible data visualization is essential to convert insight into action.

Benefits of OpenViz in Analytics

OpenViz is used to create powerful analytic applications that leverage existing reporting systems, entry-level dashboards and single-user analysis workbenches.

If your company is implementing an analytics strategy, OpenViz is a single solution for creating deployable solutions that deliver the full promise of corporate and ISV analytics. Here’s why:

  • Use any data format or model
  • Leverage large/complex datasets
  • Perform In-memory processing
  • Ultra-high performance
  • Real time processing
  • Web or desktop deployment
  • Powerful, Built-in analytics
  • Flexible API for total control
  • 100+ customizable techniques
  • Advanced interactivity
  • Java and Microsoft editions

OpenViz in Action

Incorporate large and extremely complex datasets and subject them to on-the-fly analytics using the OpenViz in-memory processing approach.

Run proprietary algorithms, models and predictions from any system and integrate processing and/or results within OpenViz.

Offload analytics processes from slower systems into OpenViz and calculate complex results in less time with a smaller memory footprint.

Integrate innovative graphics and full interactivity with complex calculations to deliver high value, low cost decision-enhancing results to any business process.

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