AVS has a two-decade reputation of creating innovative data visualization software products that have been used by over 2,000 ISV, enterprise and institutional clients to accelerate and improve decisions for nearly 10 million end users.

OpenViz is the centerpiece of the AVS strategy to empower product managers, software developers and solution designers to conceive and deploy game-changing interactive data visualizations for every industry.

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Think outside the chart

For many ISV and OEM product teams, some of the biggest barriers to developing an innovative data visualization strategy have been the limits imposed by off-the-shelf charting packages.

Advanced annotation, axis layout, conditional trendlines, rule-based transparencies, dynamic chart-in-chart tooltips, internationalization and icon-based legends are just a few of the impossibilities with most unsophisticated charting packages that aren’t pure data visualization systems.

The OpenViz API was created specifically for use by ISV and OEM teams committed to differentiating their value proposition with highly effective visualization features that accent the underlying data and eclipse the generic look and feel of commodity charts.

As data becomes larger and more complex the need to embrace non-traditional methods of visualization is essential for any long-term product strategy. Switching graphics platforms or vendors every few release cycles is impractical and inefficient. OpenViz has a ten-year release history of providing distinctive user experience to many types of OEM clients.

Data before visualization

The OpenViz API consists of a flexible data management pipeline that feeds many millions of in-memory data points into a high performance rendering engine for scalable graphics generation.

The pipeline is an effective way to capture a large query and/or build a sizable array of disparate values from any combination of static or real-time inputs and frees an application from being dependent on highly aggregated or pre-calculated data strings that are the only connection between data and a visualization.

A large selection of OpenViz components enable a variety of statistical, computational and data management functions that radically innovate the range options available to a product team seeking to synchronize a proprietary business process, algorithm or workflow with interactive components of a user interface.

Each time that an end user interacts with an application through a server-side AJAX (or Java or .NET client-side) element such as a slider, gesture, region selector or click-to-drill action, the OpenViz data management pipeline responds with a dynamic generation of refreshed in-memory values that are pushed to the OpenViz graphics renderer.

Product Overview

Flexible API

OpenViz is a powerful API that provides fine-grain access to a rich set of features and enables the development of proprietary data visualizations to any specification. OpenViz allows software makers to create unique look-and-feel properties for any data visualization and seamlessly weave them into long lifecycle multi-product strategies.

Built-in analytics

Utilize a selection of built-in standard analytics procedures or incorporate proprietary models and formulas. Highly interactive features such as filtering, sampling and thresholding distinguish OpenViz from static data visualization tools and support pre/post-processed data and offload burdensome tasks from other systems.

Annotate charts and graphs with on-the-fly analytics

Server, Cloud or Desktop

OpenViz offers a wide range of browser and desktop deployment options that support multi-platform requirements at leading ISVs and enterprises. One application can easily support multiple modes of deployment and thousands of simultaneous logins—all from a common code base.

Real time rendering

Whether a solution demands up-to-the-second or up-to-the-hour data updating, OpenViz processes and visualizes real-time data to any specification. The OpenViz API permits multiple data streams to be easily manipulated and visualized for deployment on all contemporary platforms and devices.

Publish to iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile

Hundreds of techniques

OpenViz is a collection of controls and classes that provide data access, data manipulation, data visualization and data management. Techniques are easily combined to create distinctive and highly interactive visualizations. From a library of 100+ techniques it is possible to create extremely rich visual “scenes” that do much more than just present data—they manage the entire end-to-end user experience for all types of solutions.

Advanced interactivity

Interactivity to OpenViz means much more than mouse-clicks and slider-drags. Every OpenViz graphic is a representation of live data that can be exploited and re-rendered on-the-fly based on a wide range of user interactions. OpenViz lets the data do the talking through a versatile set of interactive techniques that users quickly embrace. The “live data” approach of OpenViz makes applications soar in popularity, performance and effectiveness.

Create 2D, 2.5D or 3D images that can be embedded in any Java or Microsoft application

Ultra-high performance

OpenViz reads data faster, calculates faster and renders faster than any other BI data visualization system. This, in turn, makes applications run faster and dramatically improves user experience. Speed counts in today’s demanding application marketplace and OpenViz provides unsurpassed performance in all areas of commercial software development.

In-memory processing

Send large and complex data queries and streams to conventional memory where users can undertake sophisticated algorithmic and application processes without support from any other system. OpenViz is capable of processing extremely demanding, mission-critical simulation and predictive models with exceptional performance and agility.

Large/complex datasets

AVS designed OpenViz to embrace file sizes that make most APIs grind to a halt. Whether session data is desktop-, cloud- or server-based, OpenViz ingests files of substantial complexity and size into its proprietary and scalable memory manager and actually improves application performance by eliminating round-trips to source data.

Any data format or model

OpenViz exploits any type of data or data model, either directly from table/cube/warehouse, as dynamic streams or as in-memory variables. This flexibility allows disparate data formats to be intelligently integrated on the fly and instantly converted into highly interactive graphics for web or desktop deployment.


Regardless of your development or deployment environment, OpenViz fully serves the needs of every constituent in the software development supply chain. OpenViz supports all editions of Java and Microsoft .NET/Active X/COM to create a robust data visualization toolset for any and every application requirement.

Interface directly with Excel and all other data formats to create customized visualizations using maps and other geospatial techniques.

Product Specifications

  • Powerful data interface allows data access from Oracle, SQL Server, Hadoop, MySQL, and OLAP databases, XML documents, spreadsheets, text files, map files, Microsoft Visio, real-time data feeds and other data sources
  • Built-in support for large/cube datasets
  • Extract result sets obtained through interactive filtering for use by other applications
  • Data already generated or refined in memory by applications can be directly accessed and exported from OpenViz
  • Capture real-time streams at any refresh rate
  • Event-triggered data import
  • Interface with other APIs
  • Create custom readers for direct connection with legacy systems

  • Combine formats
  • Multi-dimensional aggregation
  • Asynchronous communication with apps, APIs and services
  • Tame extreme data formats
  • Slice/dice across formats
  • Join slices/streams/in-memory values
  • Correlate disparate values
  • Incorporate models or algorithms
  • Sophisticated on-board math processor
  • Bin/crop/aggregate values
  • Filter/clamp/threshold values
  • Create vectors and arrays
  • Build on-the fly hierarchies
  • Capture application state

  • OpenViz .NET/COM version can be used with any development environment that supports .NET , Visual Basic, or Visual C++
  • OpenViz for Java version can be used with any development environment that supports Sun JDK/JRE, including Eclipse
  • A rich set of component resources with fine grain control allows precise matching to user requirements and corporate product identity
  • Identical architecture is available in both .NET and Java standards
  • Easy conversion of Java application to Android platform
  • Independent 2D and 3D layers can be overlaid in a scene
  • OpenGL-based 3D renderer takes advantage of graphics accelerators.
  • Highly customizable: Control every aspect of a data visualization scene. Quickly modify pre-built charts
  • Manipulate text, currencies, date/time, legends, tooltips, brushing
  • Discrete and linear color map legends, chart annotation
  • Sophisticated and flexible axis systems
  • Full support for Unicode and easy internationalization and localization including multi-directional text layout.
  • OpenViz provides the ultimate flexibility to structure your visual presentation; nearly any scene imaginable can be constructed
  • Advanced Data Flow/Event Model ensures top performance by eliminating unnecessary screen redraws
  • Rich attribute system allows granular control over visual details
  • Sophisticated axis subsystem is extremely powerful in its ability to handle date and time representations of data
  • Support for numeric, string, date, time and logarithmic axes
  • Corporate professionals are now able to analyze business data encompassing large periods of time with the ability to remove irrelevant data such as holidays or weekends, or focus on specific periods of time or hours within a day
  • Visual and data driven debugging aids.

  • Full lighting model for high quality, high resolution output. 100% software renderer delivers OpenViz graphics to any platform.
  • Output in HTML5, JPG, PNG, PDF and other formats. Deploy as fully interactive HTML5 or lightweight Microsoft controls or Java applets.

  • Server, Desktop or Hybrid deployment.
  • Thin client architecture for generation of raster and vector based interactive images for inclusion on web pages
  • Plug-in architecture enables fully interactive, lightweight Microsoft controls, Java applets and HTML5 SVG
  • Export to PDF, high resolution printer output and any vector-based medium




Deployed in

Any browser (IE, FF, Chrome, Safari)
Native apps with HTML5 canvas embedded

Tablets – Surface, Android, Blackberry Tablet
Desktops/Laptops – Windows, Mac OS

API location

Server, Service, Cloud<


Platform Support

Any J2EE App Server
Any JVM (web services etc.)
Any .NET server

Java VM
Blackberry Tablet OS
Windows 7/8

Ouput format

HTML5 vector rendering
JPG/PNG raster rendering
WebP (Google)
High quality print output
PDF printer

Native rendering

Interactivity via


Native UI

Rendering update

Millisecond update + “Round trip” from server

Millisecond update

Case Studies

Advertising Analytics

Big Data

Financial Services

Custom Visualization

OEM Solutions

Credit Risk

Engineering Analysis

Technical Charting

Life Sciences

Real-Time Monitoring

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