If you need powerful scientific and technical visualization applications on UNIX/Linux but don’t want spend weeks learning a new development tool, look no further.

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AVS5 has been in continuous release since 1989 and is one of the most respected and beloved data visualization tools ever developed.

Fast Graphics from all types of data

Built-in software renderer allows you to produce feature-rich images even on low-cost 2D hardware platforms.

AVS’ famous Network Editor is a unique Visual Programming Environment that lets you graphically connect AVS modules to build a reusable visualization network.

Write new modules and include existing C, C++, or FORTRAN routines.

Overcomes platform-dependent technical issues and porting, including 3D Rendering, User Interface, File I/O, Data Transport and Communications.

Outstanding presentation capabilities for print and video, including high-quality animations.

Take Control of Your Visualization

AVS5 consists of a comprehensive suite of data visualization and analysis techniques that incorporate both traditional visualization tools (such as 2D plots and graphs and image processing) as well as advanced tools (such as 3D interactive rendering and volume visualization).

You don’t have to be an application developer to take advantage of the sophisticated capabilities of AVS5, which provides intuitive, easy-to-learn interfaces to the most frequently used visualization techniques. These interfaces, or “viewers”, can help you explore your data immediately — even before you begin to tailor AVS for your specific needs.
When you’re ready to create custom applications for your specific needs, AVS5 has the depth and flexibility to handle the most complex visualization challenges. A powerful visual programming environment, complete documentation, on-line help, example networks and ready-to-use customizable modules help you to immediately make better applications—and better decisions.

End-user and Developer Friendly

  • For the developer who builds custom applications, AVS provides an unparalleled application development environment.
  • The Visual Programming Environment is designed to accelerate the process of progressing from a prototype application to a tuned, deliverable application.
  • Build networks and design user interfaces without any programming.
  • Add your own AVS modules to include algorithms and operations to meet specific application requirements.
  • Build an application with your own user interface look-and-feel but let AVS handle your data processing and graphics display.

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