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Why AVS?

Since 1991 AVS has been developing data visualization solutions for all types of data in every industry. Our best-of-breed products combine the highest performance and scalability with the most advanced visualization and data processing techniques resulting in powerful decision making applications.
Our professional services consultants bring an advanced understanding of the entire process from data to presentation to ensure that the solution not only solve problems but become an integral part of the decision making process.


OpenViz is a multifunction API that serves as a rich canvas for the development of intelligent and interactive data visualizations that have an intimate relationship with both the underlying data and the end user.

OpenViz is a collection of data visualization, data analysis and data management techniques that can be integrated into any software solution, enabling any type and quantity of data to be expressed as highly interactive 2D and 3D presentations that can be easily distributed via the Web and added to new or existing applications.

OpenViz is the centerpiece of the AVS strategy to empower product managers, software developers and solution designers to conceive and deploy game-changing interactive data visualizations for every industry, integrating the power of advanced analytics, Big Data and other important drivers of OEM and Enterprise solution strategies.

AVS Express

AVS/Express is a comprehensive and versatile data visualization tool for both non-programmers and experienced developers. Rapid data analysis and rich visualization techniques combined with an intuitive, graphical application development environment make AVS/Express the best choice for any data visualization task.

AVS/Express provides powerful visualization methods for challenging problems in a vast range of fields, including science, business, engineering, medicine, telecommunications and environmental research.


Toolmaster is the most comprehensive toolset available for visual data analysis and presentation under X Windows and an excellent foundation for adding graphics to Windows applications.

Toolmaster provides X and Windows developers with a cross-platform library of more than 500 C/C++ and FORTRAN functions for scientific, technical and commercial graphics.


If you’re a technical professional who requires high-quality presentation graphics for print and the Web, Gsharp is the comprehensive tool you need. Supporting all Windows, Linux, VMS and UNIX platforms.

If you need powerful scientific and technical visualization applications on UNIX/Linux but don’t want spend weeks learning a new development tool, look no further.

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