AVS Debuts Social Media “Culture Mapping” Visualization with scenarioDNA at SXSW Conference

Planning matrix created from Twitter data to help brand managers and marketing strategists better understand consumer behavior, sentiment and sensibilities

Data visualization software from Advanced Visual Systems has been selected by scenarioDNA, a New York City-based consumer insights firm, to create a multi-dimensional view of social media data that has been processed to reveal the emergence of small networks of like-minded consumers. These interactive “culture maps” enable product manufacturers, retailers and advertisers to better understand shifting consumer attitudes and develop real-time strategies that address marketplace needs.

The scenarioDNA culture map generates a revealing study of how a large group of consumers evolve in their perception of social topics over an extended period of time using data processed by DiscoverText, a text analysis software company, and OpenViz, the powerful AVS data visualization tool, that is used by top corporations and software companies to produce rapid visual insight from large and complex data.

Culture mapping has been successfully utilized by an impressive list of global brands to improve their analysis of audiences and strategic initiatives. The addition of interactive data visualization from AVS allows complex relationships between clusters of consumers to be quickly identified and for brand managers to adapt their customer satisfaction tactics in support of consumer sentiment and demand.

Additional information about data visualization and culture mapping can be found at www.openviz.com and www.scenariodna.com or by contacting AVS at (781) 890-4300 or info@avs.com.

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