Advanced Visual Systems Announces New Licensing Program for OEM Partners

Demand for creative data visualization grows as solutions embrace more data, tablets and users looking for more insight in less time

Advanced Visual Systems has introduced a new licensing program designed to assist software vendors commercialize innovative data display concepts that integrate business, social media and customer data. The new AVS program helps product development teams quickly prototype cutting-edge data visualization designs that replace traditional dashboard layouts with intuitive “storyboards” that convey more insight in less screen space.

Developed in response to dozens of clients searching for interesting new ways to steer away from the ubiquitous bar charts and line charts that appear in thousands of commercial software products, AVS created the new cOEMploy program to pair its data visualization consulting experts with client-side designers and data architects to completely reinvent the notion of the graphical user experience.

According to Syed Ali, VP of Services at AVS, “The dashboard is becoming a commodity product in the world of business intelligence, customer analytics and social media. Our clients—particularly those creating single solutions for mobile and desktop deployment—are taking the dashboard concept to a new level by helping end users interactively ‘walk through’ analytic scenarios instead of pointing and clicking through dozens of small charts to see the big picture. The shift from drill-down to storyboard workflow has elicited rave reviews from our customers and is a powerful unification of data and visualization that can yield faster and more confident business decisions.”

The cOEMploy program taps OpenViz (, a full-featured data visualization system from AVS that enables solution designers to create and deploy interactive visual presentations from any type of data. Noted for its vast selection of graphical techniques and powerful in-memory data management capabilities, OpenViz is one of the most advanced data visualization tools available for use in the fields of business intelligence, analytics, real-time monitoring, risk management and marketing analytics.

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