Kognitio, Advanced Visual Systems Announce Partnership

Advanced data analytics coupled with powerful, interactive visualization provide high-performance business intelligence

Kognitio, driving the convergence of Big Data and Cloud Computing through in-memory analytics, and Advanced Visual Systems, the developer of innovative data visualization software that presents diverse forms of data as innovative and easily understandable graphic representations, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver superior insight to corporate and OEM end-users delving into advanced business intelligence, predictive analytics and next-generation decision support systems.

The two companies will focus the new partnership on vertical industries such as advertising, consumer behavior and social media. Kognitio’s in-memory analytical platform will be paired with AVS’ advanced data visualization application programming interface (API), allowing clients to exploit extremely complex data and visualize the results in ways that reveal previously undetectable patterns, trends and anomalies.

Kognitio’s ability to analyze multiple terabytes of data in a fraction of the time of competing solutions, coupled with AVS’ powerful and highly expressive visualization capabilities enables departmental, enterprise and ISV product teams to achieve new levels of decision quality from large and complex data warehouses, real-time streams, unstructured data and complex networks.

“Large and complex data have become critical components of many analytic projects. Most data visualization tools, however, tend to over-aggregate data in order to present it,” said Steve Sukman, chief executive officer of AVS. “Our approach is to provide thousands of techniques for visualizing granular, filtered and analytically-enhanced data to produce faster and more confident decisions from large and complex data. Kognitio’s superior performance allows granular data to be utilized effectively and opens up a world of new possibilities for our clients to capitalize on high impact data visualization.”

The Kognitio in-memory analytical platform is built from the ground up, to satisfy large and complex analytics on Big Data sets. Leveraging more than a generation of real-world experience, companies around the world, across a wide range of vertical industries, rely on Kognitio every day to gain powerful insights from vast amounts of data in a fraction of the time and cost of competing solutions.

“Increasingly powerful data analytics require similarly powerful tools to visualize the insights,” said Michael Hiskey, Kognitio vice president of business development and marketing. “Partnering with AVS helps us deliver a complete package, capable of producing results in less time and with deeper discovery capabilities than ever before.”

About Kognitio
Kognitio is driving the convergence of Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing. Having delivered the first in-memory analytical platform in 1989, it was designed from the ground up, providing the highest amount of scalable compute power to allow rapid execution of complex analytical queries without the administrative overhead of manipulating data. Kognitio software runs on industry-standard x86 servers, or as an appliance, or in the Kognitio Cloud, a ready-to-use analytical platform. The Kognitio Cloud is a secure, private or public cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Kognitio Cloud leverages the cloud computing model to make the Kognitio Analytical Platform available for a monthly operational cost on a fixed term. Clients span industries, including market research, consumer packaged goods, retail, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, gaming, media and utilities.

To learn more, visit www.kognitio.com and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About AVS
Advanced Visual Systems Inc. (https://www.avs.com) provides industry-leading, interactive data visualization software and solutions that help business, scientific and engineering users gain critical insight from all types of data. AVS’s complete line of software products speed decision-making by bringing information to life using the latest in desktop, mobile and interactive technologies on all major computing platforms. For more information on AVS or OpenViz, visit www.openviz.com or write info@avs.com.

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