OpenViz: Designed for Heavy Duty

Key OpenViz features outlined in a one-page analysis of benefits to OEM and Enterprise projects.

High Impact OEM Implementations

A selection of three OpenViz implementations by leading ISV clients of AVS. 1 page.

OpenViz Product Specs Overview

Current technical specifications for OpenViz in a 1-page PDF. Request documentation via the form on this page.

Selected Examples for Better Visualization

A collection of unique visualizations created with OpenViz in a selection of industries. 4 pages.

Data Visualization: When Style and Performance Matter

Observations on the ubiquity of charting and reasons why great design is essential in the development of decision support solutions.

Why You Need a Data Visualization API

An overview of the advantages of OpenViz and an API-based approach to embedded graphics for OEM and Enterprise use. 1 page.

Executive Insight

Dashboards fuel business intelligence bloat and get in the way of executive insight. What’s the cure for the CEO that wants answers “now,” the CFO that wants something affordable and the CIO that’s caught in-between the two? 4 pages.

Ideas into interactive Insight

Great software application ideas frequently begin on whiteboards and sketchpads but rarely make it into production because of the limitations imposed on solution development teams. Learn how to overcome these obstacles with OpenViz.

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