AVS counts some of the worlds largest software manufacturers, corporations, research organizations, academic institutions and government agencies as its satisfied customers.

Case Studies

Advanced Viz

AVS offers the broadest selection of data visualization techniques of any software vendor, including thousands of combinations of 2D and 3D interactive charts that can be fully customized and annotated to meet any requirement.

Big Data

AVS Big Data techniques successfully combine in-memory processing and interactive visualization that enables that allow all types of volumetric data to be leveraged to its fullest potential without over-aggregation or slow performance.


Whether your definition of “real-time” means sub-second or 5-minute refresh rates, AVS has the data processing and rendering power to deliver fast, reliable and creative data visualization to any type of solution or service.


Clustered rendering techniques from AVS have helped many advanced data visualization implementations achieve unprecedented results using extremely sophisticated data formats and hardware systems.

Advanced Visualization

AVS provides a wider range of options for corporate, ISV and research clients creating data visualization-enhanced solutions than any other software or services provider. From a collection of charting, data handling and publishing libraries it is possible to create any visualization imaginable to exploit any type of data, high performance processes and all classes of end user.

Analytic Apps

Performance Management

Custom Visualization

Marketing Analytics

OEM Solutions

Advertising Analytics

Financial Services

Life Sciences

Supply Chain

ISV Solutions

Technical Charting

Engineering Analysis

Advanced Visualization

Financial Services

Big Data

AVS goes where few data visualization software products dare venture—deep below the surface of vast datasets to discover and exploit atomic (not just topical) data and integrate it with other large and complex values to visually solve problems. As Big Data continues to drive exciting innovations in analytics, AVS is capable and prepared to take on the big rendering challenges.

Transaction Analysis



Real Time

Solutions that integrate multiple streaming data sources, locations, and alerting capabilities are defining a new generation of analytics AVS offers an endless number of techniques to acquire, manage and present real-time data and strategically integrate it into existing solutions and static applications.

Transportation Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

High Performance Computing

AVS offers an end-to-end approach to data visualization that capitalizes on parallel processing and rendering and years of expertise working with some of the world’s most demanding clients and situations. Each AVS product is designed to meet mission-critical performance demands and stretch the boundaries of data size, processing speed, rendering quality and scalability.


AVS software integration provides our development team with the broadest range of options.
Since OpenViz techniques have been integrated into CleverPath, CA customers are able to experience new dimensions of interaction and visual understanding, strengthening the CA mission of intelligently analyzing and contextually visualizing the extended enterprise in real time.
Computer Associates
At Opera Solutions, we believe that the best front-line answers come when people partner with machines, and can deeply understand and easily work with analytic output. OpenViz’s powerful visualization enables this type of collaboration, supporting a true ‘Man + Machine’ partnership.
Opera Solutions
Our selection of AVS technology was based on a number of distinguished capabilities of OpenViz, including the extensive number of customizable data presentation techniques, ease of integration into our existing application framework, the simple data interface approach and graphics quality.
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