General Contact Information

Contacting AVS Support

The best way to reach AVS Support is via the AVS Support Help Center. You may start here, or view product specific paths below.

781 890 4300
(By appointment).
781 890 8287

AVS Support Help Center Password Requirements

Our help center requires very strong passwords. Please use the following tips for setting very strong passwords:

  • Avoid patterns, consecutive letters (either alphabetical or on the keyboard) and numbers
  • Avoid replacing letters with similar numbers or symbols (example 3 for e or $ for s)
  • Avoid short passwords.
  • Do use a password manager to generate long/random passwords
  • Do use lots of ‘parts’ to your password, which can make it hard to crack and easier to remember. Four unrelated english words is very strong (correcthorsebatterystaple), as is a combination of words and random numbers (tape934elephant%*)

Office Hours

North America: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET

Product Support Pages

Please click on the paths below for support, licensing, and more.

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